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Forward-looking organizations use Clarasight (previously known as Climate Club) to deliver analytics, forecasting, and agile planning that aligns leaders at all levels to their emissions and financial goals.

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Clarasight dashboard showing emissions and cost performance metrics

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Every Great Goal Requires an Even Better Plan

 Clarasight is your solution to confidently build and execute emissions plans that cascade goals aligned to business realities across your organization. 

Robust Data Cleansing & Unification
Reduction Lever Recommendations 
Carbon Planning & Goal Setting
Target Setting and Management

Simplify Data Cleaning and Consolidation

Stop spending your time manually consolidating disparate data into stale spreadsheets. Clarasight integrates with your existing tech stack to unify data into a clean, transparent source of truth. 

  • Expense Management
  • HRIS
  • Carbon Accounting
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • TMC & OBT
  • Spreadsheets
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Understand the Why of Past, Present and Predicted Performance

Clarasight empowers decision-makers with AI-driven, real-time data insights to identify trends, pinpoint reduction opportunities, track progress made on plans, and make informed decisions that propel your business forward.  

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Build Your Emissions Plan Like Your Financial Plan

Bold decarbonization commitments demand a new level of planning capabilities. Strategic carbon planning in Clarasight helps you move beyond carbon accounting and toward emission reduction targets. 

  • Cascading planning & goal setting
  • Enhanced cross-functional collaboration 
  • Flexible scenario modeling
  • Automation of dynamic forecasting
  • Reduction levers library
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Outcomes of Carbon Planning & Analysis 

Improved Operational Efficiency
Reduced Revenue Risk
Enhanced Transparency & Collaboration
Data-Driven Decision Making
Successful Emissions Reduction

Sam Israelit

Chief Sustainability Officer at Bain & Company

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