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Simplify Your Path to Sustainable Business Travel Results

Provide travel, sustainability, and business leaders with the tools and data they need to achieve their emissions and financial targets.

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Drive Predictability Across Every Level of the Organization

Model unlimited scenarios to confidently build custom policies and plans that hit carbon goals and business objectives

Data Cleansing and Integrity

We work with TMCs and OBTs to automate data integrity, saving you time and money

Predictive Trip Insights

Predict trip volume and intensity for existing business and expansions to new markets

Risk of Inaction Data Models

See where you’ll be in the future if policies and activities remain the same

Travel policy Recommendations

AI-powered insights show your most recommended policies to implement that will enable your goals

Headcount & Business Growth

Forecast air travel emissions based on headcount growth or reduction projections

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

Model SAF impact and purchase high-quality SAF through Clarasight

- Head of Center for Innovations & Medical Excellence

Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Company

Clean, Consolidated, Real-Time Data All In One Place

Stop spending countless hours on manual data cleansing, consolidation, and report building. Clarasight integrates systems and files to give you clear, real-time emissions and financial data to drive analysis forward.

  • Real-time data updated through APIs
  • Breakdowns by travel-related emissions drivers
  • Select your preferred emission methodologies
  • Custom KPIs and metrics

Forecast the Impact of Every Policy, Strategy & Decision

Forecast emissions and costs by function, team, region, or client project. Forward-looking and historical charts and key metrics update in real time to let you evaluate the future impact of every potential decision.

  • AI-powered recommendations
  • Breakdowns by 200+ travel-related emissions drivers
  • Best-in-class emission calculations
  • Custom KPIs for your organization

Bring Confidence and Efficiency to Emissions Planning

Clarasight’s planning capabilities enable you to save countless hours and reduce future risks by building plans with collaborative input from others to ensure every priority is accounted for in your path to success.

  • No more messy spreadsheets
  • AI-driven scenario modeling and what-if analysis
  • Automated target-setting
  • Cascaded goals across the organization

Align Functions To Their Own Clear Goals

Empower your people to make purposeful decisions with clear goals and a shared understanding of key levers that lead to future success.

  • Dashboards tailored to different roles and needs
  • Drill-downs into key drivers and analytics
  • Optional carbon budgets, carbon pricing or carbon taxes
  • AI-driven forecasts & projections

Automate Performance-To-Goal Management

Easily monitor and report on progress in real-time, with the flexibility to intuitively model and implement course corrections to continuously improve performance throughout the year. 

  • Provide business leaders with real-time visibility into performance
  • Clear variance analysis identifies successes and outliers
  • Reforecast and update plans at any level as needed

See Costs and Carbon Together To Power Real-Time Decisions

Connect leaders with improved data and real-time measurement of travel emissions that go beyond the abilities of annual carbon accounting. Answer questions like:

  • Which routes and trip purposes were the biggest drivers of emissions this quarter?
  • Which functions will stay within budget this year at the current rate of travel?
  • What will be the impact on costs and emissions of a travel policy we’re considering?

Deliver Line-Of-Sight Reporting To Executives

Demonstrate transparency and accountability through automatic reporting on achievements, challenges, and future plans to key stakeholders. Spend less time building reports and more time discussing the way forward.

Built to Scale With You

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established target, Clarasight provides a flexible solution to help achieve your goals for business travel and more. 

Lay the Foundation of Understanding
Clean, consolidated data gives you a comprehensive breakdown of all key drivers across your historical and predictive travel emissions as well as costs
Complete Planning with Confidence
AI-driven forecasts, recommendations, and insights enable you to efficiently and confidently build top-down or bottom-up plans that achieve business and emissions goals.
Transform your Vision into Measurable Action
Turn your plan into cascading carbon goals or budgets, then deliver smart policies and targets to ensure success

Powerful Features for Those Who Power The Future

Confidently build a pathway to reach sustainability goals and financial success with a comprehensive Carbon Planning and Analysis platform designed for speed, agility, and precision.

Clarasight Carbon Planning

Confidently forecast, model, plan, and deliver on emissions goals that support business objectives with flexibility, speed, and agility.

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Clarasight Analytics

Drive progress and enhance visibility with intuitive dashboards, data visualizations, and automated insights.

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