Clarasight Reporting & Analytics

Instant Insights on Mission-Critical Metrics

Using the power of AI, Clarasight automatically delivers historical and predictive analytics, surfaces actionable insights, and uncovers recommendations so leaders can make better decisions, faster. 

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Clarasight Outcomes

Speed To Decision-Making
Operational Efficiency
Reduced Revenue Risk
Cost Savings
Ease of Reporting &  Transparency

Powerful Enough for Analysts, Simplified for Everyone to Act On

Understand The Why Behind Every What

Clarasight goes beyond simple visualizations of historicals (although it provides those too) to give you powerful, data-rich analytics and forward-looking insights that translate into opportunities for action.

Answers to questions like:

  • Why are we on pace to exceed this year’s emissions and cost targets?
  • How is every region, function and team performing against goals as of today?
  • Which emerging trends are hidden in the data to act on?

Leverage Real-Time Data To Move Faster

Rather than waiting until the end of the year or quarter to know where you stand, Clarasight surfaces immediate insights so you can course-correct faster. 

Empower Managers with Role-Specific Dashboards

Automatically deliver tailored reporting to each decision maker with the information they care about in a way that makes sense for their role.

  • Tailored metrics for each business leader
  • Drill-down into the details with real-time, granular data 
  • Easily managed permissions with automated reporting

Close Gaps With AI-Powered Smart Insights

AI-driven technology surfaces smart insights that put a spotlight on opportunities for emissions reduction, revenue protection, and cost savings.

Clarasight’s recommendations engine enables you to easily see the impact of key policies, strategies and actions on both financials and carbon without the need for multi-tabbed spreadsheets and weeks of manual work.

Automate Reporting To Leadership 

Ensure transparency and visibility of outcomes by providing automated reporting to leadership of performance, goals, and KPIs across your organization. 

Easily build custom metrics or pull from Clarasight’s template library to show executives the past, present and predicted results.

Key Capabilities

Variance Analysis
Role-Based Dashboards
Drill-Down Reporting
AI-Powered Recommendations
Performance-to-Plan & Benchmarking

Analysis That Powers Faster and More Confident Decisions

Clarasight Data Management

Go from data to decisions to desired outcomes faster with automated, enriched, united carbon emission and business data. 

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Clarasight Carbon Planning

Confidently forecast, model, plan, and deliver on emissions goals that support business objectives with flexibility, speed, and agility. 

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