Clarasight Data Solution

Automate, Enrich, and Unite Your Carbon and Business Data

Eliminate data inaccuracies and time-consuming manual processes with Clarasight’s data management that keeps your emissions and business data aggregated, clean, and up-to-date for confident decision-making at lightning speed.

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The Clarasight data integrations setting page with an overlay of example data visualizations the integrations enable

Clarasight Outcomes

Improved Operational Efficiency

Reduced Revenue Risk

Enhanced Transparency & Collaboration

Data-Driven Decision Making

Successful Emissions Reduction

Streamline Consolidation of Enterprise Data

Continuous data syncs through API integrations or secure FTP file uploads ensure your data is always up-to-date, accurate and at your fingertips.

Clarasight unifies data from your:

  • Expense Management
  • HRIS
  • Carbon Accounting
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • TMC & OBT
  • Spreadsheets
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Clean, Real-Time Data At Your Fingertips

Flawed and incomplete data often results in inaccurate analysis and missed opportunities. Clarasight automatically cleans and connects data across systems and spreadsheets so you can focus your time where it is most valuable.

  • Ongoing data cleansing helps ensure your data is always up-to-date and free of errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies
  • AI-powered data validation helps reduce inconsistencies and errors
  • Data mapping and classifications transform your data into easy-to-use formats

Enhanced Data Insights & Emissions Methodologies

Using best-in-class emissions methodologies, Clarasight transforms your data into personalized dashboards and visualizations that equip you with the tools to:

  • Drill down into the data to identify key drivers of emissions and costs to inform decision making
  • Effortlessly associate
  • Track key metrics for every activity and function in real-time
Top emission drivers pie chart
Chart comparing emission savings for a baseline scenario vs. conservative plan

Leverage Historical Data to Automate Predictive Models

Clarasight views emissions and financial data as more than a picture of the past; it creates a window into the future. 

  • Create forward-looking scenario models
  • Leverage enriched data for predictive analytics 
  • Share scenarios with confidence and data transparency

Focus Your Time Where It Matters Most

With Clarasight, you no longer have to worry about manual data management and can instead redirect your focus to things like:

  • Analysis, opportunity identification and execution
  • Predictive modeling and future-proofed planning
  • Cascade reduction goals and plans across your organization

How Clarasight Helps You Build Your Fastest Path to Emission Reductions

Automated Data Syncs
Robust Data Ingestion & Cleansing 
Continuous API Integrations  
Collaborative Carbon Planning
Granular Emissions Calculations

Powerful Features for Those Who Power The Future

Confidently build a pathway to reach sustainability goals and financial success with a comprehensive carbon planning and analysis platform designed for speed, agility, and precision.

Clarasight Carbon Planning

Confidently forecast, model, plan, and deliver on emissions goals that support business objectives with flexibility, speed, and agility. 

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Clarasight Analytics

Drive progress and enhance visibility with intuitive dashboards, data visualizations, and automated insights.

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