Corporate Sustainability

Best Practices to Drive Sustainability Engagement

June 5, 2024

Kati Kallins’ career has spanned sustainability efforts as part of NGOs, the government and the private sector including time at Google and most recently at Meta. 

At Meta, one of the challenges that Kati faced was how to drive and identify opportunities within the employee base and direct them towards embedded actions that contribute directly to Meta’s sustainability goals. 

At the core of this effort is a need to help the Sustainability function partner with core business functions to drive Net Zero objectives.

That’s where Clarasight came in.

As Kati put it, “How do we educate and activate those employees so that they can be part of the solution even if they don't have a capital S sustainability job?”

Through our work together, Meta focused on driving a reduction in emissions targeting one of their areas of greatest Scope 3 emissions, specifically within Category 1 of Purchased Goods and Services. 

In the process of deploying our solution and services to surface actionable data and insights, the Meta Sustainability team additionally identified hundreds of employees who cared about sustainability but hadn’t previously been involved in efforts at work. 

To hear more about Kati’s experience, learnings, best practices and how we worked together to help scale sustainability data, insights and action together - watch the full 30-minute webinar on-demand.

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