Clarasight and SQUAKE Partner to Enable Data-Driven Carbon Reduction for Business Travel

May 7, 2024

Strategic Partnership Empowers Businesses to Accurately Plan and Reduce Travel Emissions

Berlin, Germany, and New York, NY, USA May 7, 2024  – Clarasight, the leading carbon planning and analysis (CP&A) platform, and SQUAKE, the industry solution for sustainable travel and logistics, today announced a new strategic partnership to empower global organizations to effectively forecast, analyze, and plan carbon reduction initiatives. 

Powered by SQUAKE's API, the integration equips Clarasight customers with detailed carbon emissions data for all business travel activities—air, road, sea, and accommodation—compliant with both national and international standards. This integration incorporates SQUAKE’s advanced methodologies for precise emissions calculations and forecasts, along with Clarasight’s powerful tools and insights. The combination enhances planning, reporting, and predictability of carbon emissions across all levels of the organization, enabling leaders to make well-informed decisions that reduce emissions and optimize financial performance.

"An emerging challenge for enterprise leaders is delivering forward-looking carbon planning with the same rigor and transparency as financial planning,” said Adam Braun, CEO and Co-founder at Clarasight. “Our partnership with SQUAKE represents a significant step forward in empowering organizations to confidently plan carbon emissions and drive sustainable business travel programs." 

The level of detail provided by SQUAKE's precise carbon calculations is crucial for developing targeted reduction strategies and assessing the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives. By gaining deeper insights into emissions data, organizations can identify critical areas where emissions can be reduced most effectively and develop highly impactful reduction strategies.

"SQUAKE is excited to collaborate with Clarasight to provide organizations with the tools and insights needed to advance their emissions reduction goals," said Philipp von Lamezan, CEO and Co-founder at SQUAKE. "Together, we empower decision-makers to make data-driven choices that drive sustainability and protect business objectives."

This partnership addresses the business problem many organizations face in aligning their global operations with carbon reduction targets. Clarasight and SQUAKE enable organizations to automate, analyze, and forecast emissions data more effectively than ever by automating carbon calculations and streamlining a traditionally cumbersome, manual process.

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