Clarasight raises $6.5M to expand employee-focused sustainability

January 31, 2024

Our story began at the home of my former college roommate and now co-founder, Phil Charm, as we watched our young kids play together. While they explored the world around them with the curiosity of four year-old children, our conversation drifted into our shared concern for what the planet would look like for them if we as adults didn't start taking immediate, meaningful action to reverse the trajectory of climate change.

The science is clear that the world will experience irreversible and catastrophic damage if we exceed 1.5-2.0 degrees celsius of warming by 2050. We realized that by the time our children are our ages, we will be just past the year 2050 and our kids will be left with the results. They will rightfully ask us, “What did you do with that knowledge?” 

That conversation that day became a call to action.

We knew from the start that we wanted to build a movement of committed individuals like us who often felt powerless to contribute. We also believed in the enormous impact and power of companies, many of which have made bold commitments to reduce emissions. Through countless conversations with CEOs, Heads of Sustainability, researchers, executives and employees we heard a clear pain point emerge

For companies to truly reduce emissions to reach Net Zero targets they have to activate their most valuable asset - their people.

From that point forward, we’ve been focused on building a product that enables companies to unlock the power of their employees to accelerate the path to Net Zero, which goes beyond traditional employee engagement. Clarasight embeds sustainability within the employee experience and into business decisions. The earliest adopters of this type of approach have seen tremendous results - not just in carbon reduction, but also through cost savings, increased sales and employee retention.

As we look forward, we're committed to partnering with organizations who want to build a path towards Net Zero, regardless of where they are today in their journey.

We believe the only way we achieve this is through collaboration and partnership - we need sustainability leaders and heads of business units, employee resource groups and HR directors, c-level executives and junior team members, and a collective movement across every person that engages with a company to demand that sustainability data, tools and resources are embedded into their experience.

Today we’re announcing the public launch of Clarasight with industry-leading customers like Bain & Company and Meta, and partners that include Google Nest, Lyft, OhmConnect and more. We recently closed a $6.5M seed round raised from XYZ Venture Capital, Vestigo Ventures, Red Sea Ventures, MCJ Collective, Climate Capital and additional strategic investors who believe deeply in our mission. 

We have a long way to go before the world has fully reached Net Zero. But we know that sustainability plans must move into people-driven action, and Clarasight is excited to partner with you and your company to unlock the power of every leader, manager, team and employee.


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