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The Definitive Guide to Implementing Sustainable Business Travel Programs

April 1, 2024

Corporate travel has always been a vital part of businesses. Whether exploring new markets, fostering client relationships, or attending events, corporate travel is driven by various business objectives and operational needs across industries, organizations, and departments.

Yet, it casts a significant shadow on our planet. Air travel alone will account for a projected 12-27% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 .

Ignoring this impact is no longer an option. Especially considering that 93% of companies will miss their emissions targets unless they accelerate progress on reduction. This creates significant regulatory, customer, and brand risk for any company that has made a public climate commitment.

This is where sustainable business travel enters the scene.

Sustainable business travel is not about eliminating travel altogether, but rather making smarter, purposeful choices that benefit both your business and the planet. By shifting to sustainable practices, you can unlock cost savings, improve brand reputation, and attract top talent – all while contributing to a decarbonized future.

Whether you're just starting your sustainable business travel journey or looking to enhance existing initiatives, Clarasight’s new ebook, The Definitive Guide to Implementing Sustainable Business Travel Programs,  equips you with knowledge and tools to drive meaningful change and achieve desired business outcomes.

Click here to download the definitive guide to implementing sustainable business travel programs

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