Employee Commute

Build and Execute Your Commute Reduction Strategy

Collect and activate seamless, accurate employee commuting data to deliver Scope 3 emissions reduction planning, scenarios and action.

Employee commute emissions dashboard in Clarasight with charts showing stacked chart of commute modalities and two reduction opportunity initiatives

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Automate collection of accurate commute data and emissions

Enable transparent, automated data collection through multiple channels (email, SMS, Teams, Slack and more) at the right frequency to quantify emissions reductions.

Chat box stimulating the AI conversational experience in Clarasight
Data visualization chart to visually see the difference in performance for a public transport adoption scenario versus a EV credits scenario

Generate insights and scenarios to reduce across modalities

Drill down to the team, office or employee level to derive insights that drive action. Utilize our platform intelligence to identify reduction opportunities across teams, functions and locations.

Solve Work-From-Home emissions data needs, challenges and targets

Anonymized data aggregation enables employers to capture actuals and benchmark work-from-home emissions for remote and hybrid workforces in compliance with privacy laws and GDPR.

Meet audit-grade requirements and regulatory pressures

Ensure your data reaches the standards of audit-grade assurances and the relevant regulatory frameworks impacting your business.

The Holistic Solution to Achieve Your Employee Commute Emissions Targets

Data dashboards and team specific drill-downs

Actionable insights for emissions

Automation of audit-grade data collection

API integrations

Emissions calculations configured to preferred methodologies

Champion identification across employees and suppliers

Data anonymization, security and privacy

Customized programs

We'll build your internal business case for you.


Employee carbon from commuting vs. employee in-office energy use

3 in 4

Commuters drive alone on their commute to the office


Of workers say they lack the tools today to take action on more sustainable choices

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